Preparing for a Nomadic Life

So, we (my 7-year-old son and I) have decided we are going to spend the next part of our lives exploring the world and finding adventures. We will travel overseas and here in Canada, resting our feet in hostels and rented rooms and staying with family and friends, making most of our plans as we go. If you know me, you know this is something radically different from both my lifestyle and my personality. If you don’t know me, follow me to find out more or just trust me – I’m the type who is ridden with anxiety when I don’t have security or know what’s coming. However something has changed in me and for various reasons (again, read my other blog posts to find out more), we have decided to embark upon this extraordinary journey. We are going to be nomads! Now what?!?

Research. I have done a crap-ton and will continue to do more up to and after the time we leave. For one thing, it eases that part of me that needs control, which really helps bring down my stress level, which in turn benefits everyone around me. But also, I think it is extremely important when embarking on anything that you know what you’re getting into. There’s the obvious research such as where to go, how much it will cost and what to do when we get there. But there are also things like requirements of time spent in Ontario to still receive health benefits and what you are covered for when outside of the province (which can be found here I need to know about travel insurance, credit cards, phone plans, currencies, Visas and other requirements for both entering and leaving a country. I have to know what shots we need and what is required from Cooper’s father in order for me to take him across borders (of course the first thing I did before starting to plan any of this was get his okay). The things that I need to find out are building up, but they are important things to know. Plus, the more I learn the more confident I feel, which again helps with that stress level problem.

Next, in order for this journey to happen I need to put an end to my present career. As you may or may not know, I currently run a home daycare. I have had Stepping Stones for 6 years now and developed amazing relationships with some really wonderful families. While it is not easy to say goodbye to something that has brought so many positive things to my life, I am extremely lucky to be working with terrific families who wish me nothing but luck (another weight off my shoulders as I tend to worry too much about disappointing others). I have given them all notice that I will be officially closing in December. This is getting real…

I also need to be rid of my mortgage payments if I want to fund our nomadic life. So I am currently in the process of purging…so much purging. Once the house is clear of all the unnecessary “stuff” I have accumulated over the years and never been able to get rid of until now, the typical patching and paint jobs will happen and the place will go up for sale in September. Then comes the waiting game, although I have a good feeling that the house sale is another thing that will come together in an almost fateful way…

In the meantime I am looking into places where we can stay when in Ontario and further researching and preparing for ways to make an income while living this way (another blog post for another time). And, of course, endlessly looking into all the absolutely phenomenal places in this world that we can visit and growing my bucketlist into more of an encyclopedia.

Once we know when the house will close we can start officially booking our first trip, packing up our lives to leave in various places (anyone else see those Gilmore Girls episodes? I hope I don’t lose my red dress…), and loading up my little white car to drive us into this next chapter of our extraordinary lives.


  1. Your amazing Kim!! I wish you and Cooper all the best and tons of fun on your adventure!! If you happen to be this way let me know and come visit! ❤️


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