Super proud after getting his hair cut into a mohawk 🙂

This is Cooper. He apparently is a vampire, a werewolf, a ninja and has every super power in existence. Basically, he has an extremely extensive imagination and the wild and outgoing personality to play it all out. At the time of writing this post he is 7, but wise beyond his years. His understanding of and outlook on life are truly amazing and he does not hold back in standing up for himself and others and voicing his opinions.

Cooper doesn’t go to school, but instead learns through his interests and life experiences; he is very curious and always wants to know and understand more. He loves superheros, My Little Pony and YouTube (specifically Turbo Toy Time, HobbyKids and Ryan’s Toy Review). He enjoys being outside, playing with friends, visiting relatives, riding his bike, fishing, exploring and going on adventures. While he hasn’t yet found a sport that he enjoys, Cooper absolutely loves his drama class (which is perfect for his dramatic personality). He is an Earth Warrior, which he learned about as a Beaver with Scouts Canada, and doesn’t like when people don’t take care of our planet. He is kind, loving, silly, energetic, witty, smart and So much fun!

I am extremely lucky to have Cooper with me on this journey through our extraordinary lives ❤

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